Monday, May 10, 2010

Survey Says: Purcell Should Be Tabbed

The poll which asked for your choice for NC State Athletics Director named current Wolfpack Club Executive Director Bobby Purcell on 43% of the ballots. No other name listed had more than 7%. All those in the list have a connection to NC State. After Purcell, Charlie Cobb, the current AD Appalachian State had 7%, and current executive director of the Peach Bowl, Gary Stokan, had 6%.

The second most votes went to the selection of “someone currently not connected to NC State” with 26%. Not only from this poll but from talking with many Wolfpack faithful, my guess is Purcell will be the primary consideration of those candidates with Wolfpack athletics association.

Several comments, public and private, suggest that Bobby would better serve the University in his current capacity. As I mentioned, I’ve know Bobby since 1981, and, unless I’ve read him wrong all these years, though he loves what he does now, his desire is to be in athletics administration, an athletics director in particular. His path through the Wolfpack Club has not been just one of fund-raising. He has successfully managed a large organization of paid employees and volunteers and, in many ways, he has been the top cheerleader for Wolfpack athletics.

When the primary Wolfpack teams—football and men’s basketball—were (are) not winning, it has been the Wolfpack Club that has kept the torch burning, continuing to bring in money and encourage the fans to support the program with the purchase of football and basketball tickets. Even when the basketball team was winning and going to NCAA Tournaments, Purcell and his staff managed to keep those who didn’t appreciate Herb Sendek in the fold of contributors.

As I’ve said previously, it seems that the enthusiasm for Wolfpack athletics has been coming from the fans and not from within the athletics department which, to me, should be the logical path. But, on the other hand, it has been the Wolfpack club staff that has been enthusiastic about Wolfpack athletics, creating the good feeling from the fans. Bobby’s leadership and his excellent staff created this positive atmosphere.

It was pointed out in Sunday’s The News & Observer that one task for the new AD would be to unite the fans. I’m not sure a seasoned AD from another University could do that. While it’s possible for a new Chancellor to bring new ideas and new beginnings and renewed vigor to a campus, the Athletics Director is a little different, I believe. Hiring from within may not always be the right thing, but it would be with Purcell.

I expect that search to take the course outlined by Chancellor Randy Woodson, a search that will bring many resumes from very many qualified candidates, but none will be as well qualified, no matter their background, as Purcell. While he has never hired or fired a coach, he knows how to manage people to make them better. He’s sound in understanding athletics finances; he knows the value of academics to college athletics. By the way, it seems I’m not the only person who feels this way. Several others have written directly to Chancellor Woodson encouraging him to pick Purcell.
Bought a new Honda Lawnmower last Friday. It’s the HRX217HXA, similar to the previous model that lasted about 17 years before the rear axle fell apart. The new model, purchased at Wilson’s Outdoor Equipment in downtown Raleigh (priced as low as you’ll find at The Home Depot or any other store) has larger wheels for more level settings. It slices and dices, mulches and bags. I think if I were to run it across the vegetable garden, it would produce a healthy salsa from the produce.

Also, took the Coleman 5300 grill to the Cary Waste Station/Dump yesterday. Only six years out of that item. Last night we cooked pork loin fillets on the charcoal grill. More tender and better taste than the gas grill ever produced (there’s that word again).
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