Thursday, May 6, 2010

Only "Pros," No "Cons" to NC State AD Job

In today’s The News & Observer, staff writer Ken Tysiac pens a “pros and cons” to the athletics director’s job at NC State. Read it for yourself by clicking here: Pack AD job has good, bad points. It reads as if, yesterday when he started to write a story from that angle, he was grasping for something to do, especially the “cons” portion in which he disparages the academic reputation of NC State by saying: And being in a conference in which schools have strong academic reputations helps N.C. State's image. I’d like to know a little more about what he means with that statement. If you’re interested to know for yourself, send him an email at:

As far as the cons, he considers the “high bar” in basketball by Duke and North Carolina as one. He seems to say that while NC State fans want to compete at that level, it’ll be hard to do, especially from the AD’s seat. As long as NC State is doing what it takes to get to that level, as long as NC State has the desire and the means, NC State fans will be happy and proud. Yes, we want to win national championships. And that’s the goal for which we should always strive. No con here. It’s a positive as far as I’m concerned.

Tysiac thinks having five FBS football teams in the state to divide the in-state talent is a problem. While that has always been a challenge, NC State has excelled in football with loads of talent from other parts of the country. If that’s a con, then we have the wrong football coach. A good football coach wants to win the recruiting wars in North Carolina but should also seek the best talent for the team, even if it’s from out of state. The new AD will have to work with the football coach to make sure he’s going after the talent, no matter where it is, needed to be successful and to reverse the losing attitude and results. If that doesn’t happen with the results of recruiting, then maybe we have the wrong coach and staff. The new AD will make that call.

Tysiac thinks the next AD’s success is directly related to the basketball recruiting class and the success of Russell Wilson in football. If I was up for the job and was told my success will be graded on those two things, then I’ll pass. That’s a small part of the bigger picture. More important would be Sidney Lowe having as good a recruiting class next year and the next year and the next year. One year does not a career make. And, if Wilson does have a spectacular season and leads the Wolfpack to post-season play, that’s great but more important is how Tom O’Brien builds on that success. One good season does not a career make. The new AD will have to let both coaches know that from the very start.

And, as far as having a new chancellor as being unsettling, that’s pure bunk. In reality, having Chancellor Randy Woodson, instead of that goofball Jim Woodward or the liar Jim Oblinger in charge should be good for the new AD. A current coach at Purdue told me recently that Woodson is a fan and friend of college athletics. And, here’s what Woodson said in a recent interview printed in the NC State Alumni Magazine: NC State needs “needs to win a little more in athletics. It enhances the (University) when athletics performs at the highest levels. I’m a firm believer in the value of competitive athletics for the institution. It’s got to be done with integrity, with strong business principles so that it’s a solid resource and on solid financial ground. When it’s done well, it really adds tremendous value to the NC State brand. You can’t buy the kind of advertising that you get from a successful athletics program.”

And, that’s why Lee Fowler is on the way out and the University is seeking a new athletics director. From where I sit, there are no “cons” to the job. About the only thing to overcome is shallow commentary by sports writers needing to fill space and doing so without much thought. And that should not be a bother whatsoever.
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  1. is amazing how much you know about how everything on campus should be run, from the Chancellor's office, to the AA office, to development, and now to hiring a new Athletic Director. There must be a helluva lot of pressure that comes with always being the smartest guy in the room---regardless of the topic... (comment edited for length)

  2. Yep, Tysiac is a moron. If he wants to judge the academic integrity of NC State I invite him to sign up for a course (ANY course in ANY discipline) and take the equivalent at Carolina, Dook, Wake, Clemson, Maryland, Uva, or wherever he chooses. Then come back and talk about academics. It's Carolina, not NC State that has a major in Exercise Studies. That's right, Exercise Studies.


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