Friday, June 4, 2010

Help! The Netflix Queue Is Getting Low!

So, what’s in your Netflix Queue? A few months ago, when this blog was at a previous address, I offered a list of what’s to come in the mail from my Netflix account. If you like to watch movies and want a regular stream of DVDs arriving through rain, sleet, snow and gloom of night, and even on hot summer evenings when sitting in front of the air conditioned surrounded 42” VIZIO is preferable to enjoying the muggy outdoor air, then Netflix is a good start.

The unlimited plan is less than $10 a month brings as many movies as we can watch one at a time. Get one; watch one; return one; get one. Receive one Friday, watch it that night, put it in the mail Saturday, have another to watch Tuesday and the cycle begins again. For me, this is preferable to ordering on-line through Time Warner Cable, and we very much prefer Netflix to HBO On Demand. And not nearly as expensive, especially if you enjoy movies without commercial interruption.

Fidgeting with four different controllers to: 1) Operate the DVD player; 2) Switch the VIZIO from TV mode to DVD mode; 3) Move the sound system from TV output to DVD output; and, 4) Increase and lower the sound as required and requested is part of the Netflix experience. That part is not nearly as complicated as it sounds unless you’re one of the challenged many who still cannot get the clock on the old tape player from flashing 00:00 all night and day. Most recently, with the copy and pasted Netflix movie description, we’ve watched and I’ve enjoyed:

It’s Complicated (2009, R, 121 minutes)
Ten years after their divorce, Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) Adler unite for their son's college graduation and unexpectedly end up sleeping together. But Jake is married, and Jane is embarking on a new romance with her architect, Adam (Steve Martin). Now, she has to sort out her life -- just when she thought she had it all figured out.

Taken (2008, PG-13, 93 minutes)
While vacationing with a friend in Paris, an American girl (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers intent on selling her into forced prostitution. Working against the clock, her ex-spy father (Liam Neeson) must pull out all the stops to save her. But with his best years possibly behind him, the job may be more than he can handle. Famke Janssen also stars in this relentless action-thriller.

Whiteout (2009, R, 96 minutes)
The lone U.S. marshal at a research station in Antarctica, Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) stumbles upon the continent's first murder victim. With only three days left until the sun sets for six months, Carrie races to solve the complex mystery before darkness falls. Gabriel Macht, Alex O'Loughlin and Tom Skerritt co-star in this tense thriller based on a graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber.

And, in the Netflix Queue and Coming Soon to the Big Screen at My House:

Serious Moonlight (2009, R, 85 minutes)
When Louise (Meg Ryan) discovers that her husband, Ian (Timothy Hutton), is about to run off to Paris with a much younger woman, Sara (Kristen Bell), she does what any self-respecting wife would do: She duct-tapes him to the toilet, which is where he remains when their home is burglarized. The plot only gets thicker in this dark comedy helmed by first-time director Cheryl Hines and penned by Adrienne Shelly.

The Boys Are Back (2009, PG-13, 104 minutes)
Following the sudden death of his wife, Australian sportswriter Joe Warr (Clive Owen) struggles to cope with his grief and comfort his young son (Nicholas McAnulty). Being a single father gets even trickier when Joe's rebellious teenage son from a previous marriage (George MacKay) moves in. Director Scott Hicks helms this touching -- and often hilarious -- tale of a family in flux, based on a memoir by Simon Carr.

Night Train (2009, R, 91 minutes)
A med student (Leelee Sobieski), a salesman (Steve Zahn) and a conductor (Danny Glover) become unlikely allies when a passenger dies on the night train, leaving behind a fortune in diamonds, and they decide to embark on a gruesome mission by dumping the body and splitting the loot. Disposing of the corpse, however, proves to be tricky, and the conspirators become increasingly fearful of one another.

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009, R, 97 minutes)
When her husband (Alan Arkin), who's 30 years her senior, relocates the family to a retirement community, flawless wife and mother Pippa Lee (Robin Wright Penn) slides toward a nervous breakdown as she reflects on her tumultuous past and befriends her neighbor's enigmatic son (Keanu Reeves). With a powerful cast that also includes Julianne Moore and Winona Ryder, this pensive drama is adapted from director Rebecca Miller's novel of the same name.

Netflix reminds me: “You have 4 movies in your Queue. We suggest you add at least 6.” So, it’s time to increase the list of what’s to come. Do you have any suggestions? What’s in your Netflix Queue?


  1. Wow, only 4? I can understand it, but I have like over 250 on my list. Mind you, some like "John Cleese: Introduction to wines", has been there ever since I joined. But I will view it one day!

    The main reason my list is so large that it is filled with old classics. As I remember a title from my past, or passes the rule of any film pre-Hayes commission (before censorship the films were quite rich in story and substance) but a lot of '60s fun/groovy films that I saw as a kid or never heard of. Just had a run on some Peter Seller's film that I never knew of, but when mentioned, my father had seen them. Then there is the streaming aspect that if you hook up a laptop or pc to you Vizio, you can watch that way. I select more randomly there and fast forward if the film is dull or lame.
    Recommendations? Well we may have different tastes but here are few gems I have been recommending the past few years…
    The Man from Earth
    A Boy and His Dog
    The Man Who Would Be King
    The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
    Love Actually
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Harold and Maude
    The City of Lost Children
    (The last three are French titles)

    Enjoy the movies!

  2. Some favorites of mine:

    "Lonestar," a John Sayles movie about 4 cultures in the river border town of Del Rio Texas --- that Gene Siskel said should be used in film writing classes. It has a great cast: Chris Kristofferson, francs mcdormand, ---- Cooper, Andrew Mcconahy ,etc ----- and is a great multi - generational story, a mystery, and a slice of life , place, local color , a history lesson

    "The Reader" Kate winslet rafe Fiennes. I really liked this movie a lot

    "You can count on me" Laura linney, Mark Ruffalo -- about family - the human condition, not a downer and Laura linney is fab

    Some 2009 favorites from The Rene Russo Movie Club ---movies we saw and liked --- I am a founder of this club that meets every Thursday and you should join us at least once and YOU could write a blog!! We usually go to The Carolina in Durham or the Chelsea in C hill. this would be good for you--to expand your ways!!! Life is not just Golf and NCS. PLUS WE HAVE DESSERT AFTER!!

    "Frozen River" Melissa Leo is incredible (acad award nominated for best actress) and this is a great movie about life on the fringe on border of Canada

    "Milk" not for homophobes --- Sean Penn won acad award

    "The Visitor" Richard Jenkins is great and so is the movie -- A SMALL INDIE

    "The Wrestler" WOW MARISA TOMEI WOW, Mickey Roark and Evan Rachel wood (Raleigh actress) are great

    "Gran Torino" eastwood is great

    "Vicky Christy Barcelona" havier Barden, Scarlett Johansson Fun

    Recently the club went to the varsity theater in C Hill to see The Big Lebowk- they do old movies --- and I had never seen and it was great!!! A Coen Brothers movie that was just fabulous - It is a cult movie for guys a guy in the office has seen it 30 times!

    OK that is a start for you NETFLIX MAVEN


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